Meinong Studies / Meinong Studien publish both historical and systematic papers on the philosophy of Alexius Meinong, his school (Graz School of Philosophy and Gestalt-Theory), and its members and aim at presenting work which is directly or indirectly influenced by or concerned with aspects of Meinong’s philosophy. Furthermore, the Meinong Studies are open for contributions in the analytic-phenomenological and empiricist tradition of Austrian Philosophy, reflecting most recent developments in the fields of Ontology and Metaphysics, Epistemology and Philosophical Psychology, Logic and Value Theory.

The Meinong Studies / Meinong Studien appear at least once a year with about 200 pages per volume. In addition to these regular anthologies of articles on various topics, special issues or monographs concerning the Austrian philosophical tradition are also included in the series.

Papers should be submitted in German or English language, comprising 25 pages maximally with double line spacing and a summary of 10 lines. For proposals of monographs, please contact our editorial office.

Editorial Board

Liliana Albertazzi – Mauro Antonelli – Ermanno Bencivenga – Johannes Brandl – Arkadiusz Chrudzimski – Evelyn Dölling – Kit Fine – Jaakko Hintikka – Herbert Hochberg – Dale Jacquette – Wolfgang Künne – Winfried Löffler – Johann Christian Marek – Kevin Mulligan – Roberto Poli – Matjaz Potrc – Venanzio Raspa – Maria Reicher – Robin Rollinger – Edmund Runggaldier – Seppo Sajama – Peter Simons – Barry Smith – Erwin Tegtmeier

Editorial office

Dr. Jutta Valent

Alexius Meinong Institute

Research Center for Austrian Philosophy


Further information: http://www.ontos-verlag.de/index.php


2013: Volume VI. General Issue: On Meinong’s philosophy or related topics.

Deadline for submissions: September 2013

Advising Editor: Alexius Meinong Institute (Graz)